Out of America

A Black Man Confronts Africa
Cover of Out of America, A Black Man Confronts Africa, orange silhouette of map of Africa on reddish wood grain

Nothing in Keith Richburg’s long and respected journalistic career at The Washington Post prepared him for what he would encounter as the paper’s correspondent in Africa.

He found a continent where brutal murder had become routine, where dictators and warlords silenced dissent with machine guns and machetes, and where starvation had become depressingly common.

With a great deal of personal anguish, Richburg faced a difficult question: If this is Africa, what does it mean to be an African American?

In this provocative and unvarnished account of his three years on the continent of his ancestors, Richburg takes us on an extraordinary journey that sweeps from Somalia to South Africa, showing how he confronted the divide between his African racial heritage and his American cultural identity.

Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa — Keith B. Richburg

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Keith discusses his book Out of America on C-SPAN