Privacy v Security is a Balancing Act

The precautionary closing this weekend of nearly two dozen American diplomatic facilities around the world due to a suspected terrorist threat refocuses public attention on a crucial, if sometimes forgotten, fact; there are still bad people out there who want to kill us.

That may sound simplistic to say it. But it needs saying, explicitly, as the debate continues over the NSA spying program, the government’s email and telephone metadata snooping, and the search for the right balance between civil liberties and needed vigilance.


Excellent article! As Americans we live in our bubble and most don't understand the hate that exists by some against our government or way of life. Even internally. Look at how many hate our current administration. While 95% of the angst againt America is discussion (Freedom of Speech) there is a small percentage that actually want to harm America and its citizens. If you send it through digital media there should be no expectation of privacy. Its not just government that has access - but each telecom and internet company has access to the data you send through their system.

Good points. Thanks for writing.

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