November 15, 2011

Reclusive North Korea Opens Its Door a Crack for Tourists

The Washington Post, 2011. North Korea is allowing foreign tour groups into the country, but don’t plan to bring your cellphone or BlackBerry or talk to strangers.
October 10, 2011

Unhappy Trails: A Trek Through the Mountains To the Taliban Front Is a Chilling Experience

The Washington Post, 2001. Keith describes his chilling journey on horseback through Afghanistan’s dangerous Anjuman Mountains to get to the front lines of the war between the Taliban and the opposition Northern Alliance.
August 25, 2011

Chasing the Story

Foreign Policy, 2011. As journalists race to Tripoli to cover Qaddafi’s fall, Keith reflects on his 25 years of experience covering regime collapses around the world for The Washington Post.
April 24, 2005

Europe’s Minority Politicians in Short Supply

The Washington Post, 2005. In Western Europe, while decades of immigration from the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Caribbean have created large black and Muslim populations, they have remained largely invisible in elective government.
April 15, 2003

Iraqis Say Lynch Raid Faced No Resistance

The Washington Post, 2003. For Iraqi doctors on duty at Saddam Hospital on the night of the U.S. military’s dramatic rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch, it was all Hollywood dazzle, with little need for real action.