October 14, 2017

What would trump think about Kong Kong football fans booing the Chinese anthem?

Unless you follow American football, you may not have been aware of a strange form of protest taking place before the games. Some players have chosen to […]
September 30, 2017

North korea nuclear crisis Trump vs ‘rocket man’: what if North Korea is the problem, not Kim?

It’s on. Not a nuclear conflict on the Korean Peninsula, thank goodness. But an old-fashioned, trash-talking smackdown between two nuclear-armed adversaries. In the one corner, we have […]
July 2, 2017

Why hong kong was glad to see the back of ‘white coolies’

Late on the morning of Hong Kong’s first day under Chinese rule, following an evening of fireworks, pageantry and a torrential downpour, the streets were strangely quiet […]
July 1, 2017

How Hong Kong handover blinded media to story of the decade

Exactly two decades ago, at the beginning of July, 1997, Asia was shaken by a seismic event that upended the established order and sent ripple effects still […]
May 6, 2017

Opinion: if only nixon could go to china, can only Trump go to North Korea?

The “Nixon-to-China” trope has, over the past four decades, come to mean that only a politician with unquestioned credentials could make a sharp policy U-turn against their […]
April 29, 2017

First 100 days of president Trump: like a drunk stumbling down a highway

The first impression of the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency begins with a question: has it really only been 100 days? There’s been such a frenzy of […]
March 4, 2017

Trump’s media war: straight from the playbook of communist China

President Donald Trump, in his first speech to a joint session of Congress last Tuesday night, managed to project a softer, more sober tone after his chaotic first […]
October 23, 2012

China’s Other Transition: Military to be Led by New Generation

The Washington Post, 2012 Sweeping change is coming to the leadership of the People’s Liberation Army with the promotion of a new generation of commanders who mostly lack any combat experience or have ever given interviews.
November 15, 2011

Reclusive North Korea Opens Its Door a Crack for Tourists

The Washington Post, 2011. North Korea is allowing foreign tour groups into the country, but don’t plan to bring your cellphone or BlackBerry or talk to strangers.